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Thank Heavens... The RATner won't slay SNAKE in the remake of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with great news. It seems the Brett Ratner is off the ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake... Now the script for this was pretty good and had some fun bits - but now that Ratner is off the case - hopefully we'll have something to be excited about on this. So far, both the chosen directors have been terrifyingly awful - let's hope something inspiring comes on the behind the camera side on this project.

Harry, I don't know if this is old news but I can tell you that Brett Ratner isn't directing the EFNY remake, according to him. He was given an "achievement in cinema" award at the Savannah Film Festival and I managed to ask him afterwards about it and he said that it was happening but not with him. I know I'm not a spy or anything but thought I'd shoot you an email about it. MonsterZero
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