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Teresa Palmer, in your satin tights, fighting for your rights and the old Red, White & Blue... George Miller found our Amazon?

Hey folks, Harry here - with the latest rumor on the part of WONDER WOMAN in the JUSTICE LEAGUE film. Seems that Teresa Palmer called a friend of hers to excitedly share the news that she's landed the part of WONDER WOMAN in George Miller's upcoming film. This according to These Folks - it seems that Teresa will also be fit for a black wig rather than be dyed black from her golden mane. Now she doesn't have the most amazing filmography - in fact - her first film was 2005's WOLF CREEK... and it wasn't a major role. But from there she's gone on to amazing films like THE GRUDGE 2 and DECEMBER BOYS... but it is often from such humble beginnings that we find our stars of tomorrow - and that's exactly what George Miller is working on with this film. To find a cast that he can develop and use again in future incarnations of the Justice League... as this is planned to be a series. How early is it in this girl's career? SO early that she hasn't had a decent magazine shoot for me to snab a pic to get y'all panting. But that's alright...

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman. All the world's waiting for you, and the power you possess. In your satin tights, Fighting for your rights And the old Red, White and Blue. Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman. Now the world is ready for you, and the wonders you can do. Make a hawk a dove, Stop a war with love, Make a liar tell the truth. Wonder Woman, Get us out from under, Wonder Woman. All our hopes are pinned on you. And the magic that you do. Stop a bullet cold, Make the Axis fall, Change their minds, and change the world. Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman. You're a wonder, Wonder Woman.

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