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The ALIEN/PREDATOR Hybrid From AVP: REQUIEM Has Been Revealed By USA Today!! More Advil Needed!!

Merrick here...
While I love the ALIEN and PREDATOR films...warts and all...I really kind of hated ALIEN VS. PREDATOR. So, when a sequel was announced, my enthusiasm was too low to register. Then we started seeing teasers and trailers; I especially love the one with graphics showing the town's diminishing population numbers intercut with mayhem from the movie. That's groovy. I also liked the movie's marketing tag line: "This Christmas, there will be no peace on Earth" - or whatever it is. Clever. Smart. Funny. Base. Okay, fine. "I'm there" I thought. "This might work afterall" I reluctantly admitted. Now comes this image. Posted by USA Today in THIS ARTICLE. It's the Predator/Alien hybrid from ALIEN VS. PREDATOR: REQUIEM. I guess this is the same little guy who popped out at the end of the first AVP.

I'm not in the best mood today, so I'm 100% willing to admit I could be way off base here & thoroughly tainted by grumpiness. it just me...or does that look dopey as hell? Looks like it's from some kind of MAD TV skit or something... ...RastAlien! Sigh. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. As always, discuss, exalt, or lambaste in the Talkbacks below.

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