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The Nacho Has Landed Distribution For Fantastic Fest's Award Winning TIME CRIMES with Magnolia Pictures!!!

Hey folks, Harry here! This is a very exciting development. FANTASTIC FEST programmers have been striving to find and debut the coolest and best in Genre films for the past 3 years. Moreso, we've wanted to find films and bring attention to them that would allow them to be seen elsewhere. Well this year's Audience Award and Best Feature Jury Prize was TIMECRIMES by Nacho Vigalondo. Nacho felt when he brought his film to Fantastic Fest - that this would probably be the only time it was ever seen in the United States - and still - he has yet to pick up distribution in his native country of Spain, but here in the U.S. - IndieWire has announced that the film was picked up by MAGNOLIA PICTURES - who - coincedently was the only distributor astute enough to be attending this year's fest. We at Fantastic Fest are all so thrilled that this film will be seen around the country. And hope that it picks up distribution on other shores as well. Meanwhile, some time next year - TIMECRIMES will be quite the treat for all of you. Here's what IndieWire had to say...

Magnolia Pictures has acquired the world rights (excluding Spain) to director Nacho Vigalondo's "Timecrimes." "Timecrimes," which won the Best Feature Prize and the Silver Medal for Audience Award at the 2007 Fantastic Fest in Austin, details a man who discovers the perils of time travel. It is the feature film debut of Vigalongo, who previously was nominated for an Academy Award for the short film "7:35 in the Morning." "Working with Magnolia on 'Timecrimes' is a dream come true. Knowing that my film is going to be shown in USA is something I can't describe," said Vigalongo. Magnolia will release the film theatrically in 2008.
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