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Winners of the 30 DAYS OF NIGHT Art Contest! Behold!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I know a lot of you are waiting on the BNAT 9 application results - but first - we have the 30 DAYS OF NIGHT contest results. We had a ton of submissions of all sorts - the challenge was to turn me into a vampire - using any form of art they could... from photoshop to charcoal. Here are the resulting winners in no particular order... 1. Josh Geiser of Modesto, California:

2. William Balzer of Brooklyn, New York:

3. Mayra Peralta of Lynwood, California:

4. Marcus Parcus of San Francisco, California:

Those are the winners - I'm seriously thinking about posting some of the others that I loved, but for now - this is it. Now for the next contest... coming later tonight!!!

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