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Because There Weren't Enough Supermen Buzzing About Already!! Has The JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie Found Its Blue Boy??

Merrick here...
Okay, so there's this JUSTICE LEAGUE movie George Miller is putting together for Warners right now. There's been a lot of talk, conjecture, and contention regarding the re-casting of certain superheroes who currently exist in other incarnations. EXAMPLE: SUPERMAN RETURNS' Brandon Routh will not be Superman in JUSTICE LEAGUE...word is he was never considered. Tom Welling will not play Clark Kent/Superman-To-Be like he does on SMALLVILLE. So, who will be Superman in Miller's film? Garth over at Dark Horizons recently got a tip that HELLBOY's Rupert Evans will play The Man of Steel in JUSTICE LEAGUE. Evans hasn't done a ton of film work - in case you don't recall his face, here's a pic:
Wait...that's the wrong Rupert Evans...

This tip came to Garth via a source named Russian Blue; you can see Garth's report on the matter HERE. This matches some information recently received by AICN's Quint, which indicated Evans had, indeed, been cast in an unspecified role - and was "beefing up" for his part. We're told that Evans stepped up to give a very good reading as Superman when auditioning for Bryan Singer's SUPERMAN RETURNS. So, I'm a little hesitant to call this a 100% done deal. But, at the moment, it looks like all roads lead to Rupert Evans being cast as JUSTICE LEAGUE's Superman. No word on who'll play Batman yet, although it won't be Christian Bale.


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