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I AM LEGEND trailer two locks and unloads on your ass!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I love the Vincent Price and the Charlton Heston version of Matheson's I AM LEGEND - and I loved Protosevich's script - I haven't read Akiva Goldsman's draft - though I have it, because at this point - we're so close to this film hitting, that I don't see the point. That said... I've been dying for a look at the "vampires" from this new film, because that's been the aspect that's been most lacking in previous incarnations of the story. I liked the first trailer - but it didn't give me a look. NOW we have a glimpse and they're creepy, but I'm not sure if they're human enough to be recognizable - which was always one of the aspects of the story that was truly horrific. I also hope they speak and don't just growl... BUT if this is a straight action pumped up horror version of I AM LEGEND - I'll be there to see it, for what it is. I hope it kicks ass. I really really do. This trailer does. Well - I'm in Los Angeles on top secret mission work.... Perhaps I'll be able to share a bit later. Click here for the early leaked version. The trailer will be up in gorgeous form, later tonight officially!!!

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