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I am – Hercules!!
"Elle" sounds like "L." And what are some of the things "L" stands for? Ayla Ranzz and Gwen Raiden have phoned with theories! Let’s check in! NOAH. Having seen his own death in Isaac’s painting, he feared the arrival of a new boy in Claire’s life. CLAIRE. Denied Noah’s suspicion that there’s a new boy in her life, and claimed to Noah a need to lead cheers. NATHAN. Surprised his kids with a scary beard, then shaved it. “Get away from ME!” he told Radiation-Deformed Dopplenathan. MAYA & ALEJANDRO. Drove north with fellow escapee Derek though Mexico, where they find Gabe “Sylar” Grey. SYLAR. Powerless and fearing the exposure of the Herrera twins, introduced Derek to a Mexican brick. MONICA. Discovered she can do anything she sees others do and gave a Burger Bonanza ne’er-do-well a taste of her sneakers. ANGELA. Claimed to detectives she pushed Kaito Nakamura to his death. “If they keep digging they will find out about all of us and what we can do,” she told Matt telepathically. “Let it go.” MATT. Revealed another impregnated his wife. Nathan showed Matt a Minuteman-style photo: Nakamura posing with the Petrellis, Linderman, Deveaux and Company Bob. Also in the photo: Matt’s long-lost criminal dad and possibly “Blade Runner” vet Joanna Cassidy. MICAH. Stole cable. THE HAITIAN. Announced a trip to the Ukraine. MOHINDER. Agreed to take Matt to Bob. PETER, HIRO, JESSIKI & BOB sat last week out. MOLLY. Identified Matt’s dad as Nightmareman. Located Nightmareman for Matt. Passed out. Screamed with her brain for Matt to help her. NBC hints at what to expect in future episodes:
Oct. 22 2.5 FIGHT OR FLIGHT SEARCHING FOR A LOST HERO, ELLE (GUEST STAR KRISTEN BELL) MAKES A SHOCKING DEBUT IN IRELAND -- In Ireland, a lost Hero attempts to move beyond the past, but discovers that a mysterious woman -- Elle – is willing to kill to find him. Matt and an unexpected ally fly to Philadelphia to hunt down the "boogyman," following his terrible attack on Molly, but the pair finds themselves outmatched. Monica tries to come to terms with her new abilities and her role as a local hero. Suresh meets his new partner and gets a disturbing assignment. H.R.G. takes a step to further protect his family. Meanwhile, as Hiro continues to fix the past in feudal Japan, Ando attempts to piece together historically what's happened to his best friend.
Oct. 29 2.6 THE LINE AT SCHOOL, WEST CONVINCES CLAIRE TO TEACH A BULLYING CHEERLEADER A LESSON -- West convinces Claire to teach head cheerleader Debbie a lesson after she deems Claire too ordinary to join the squad. While Suresh faces a serious moral dilemma with the Company, H.R.G. pays his Russian mentor a visit in an effort to locate Isaac's last prophetic paintings. Meanwhile, nearing the U.S. border, Alejandro becomes increasingly uneasy about Sylar's intentions, especially towards Maya. Peter and Caitlin's search for a mysterious doorway he painted ultimately leads them to a surprising place. In feudal Japan, while attempting to repair history, Hiro struggles with his feelings for Kensei's "princess" Yaeko.
Nov. 5 2.7 OUT OF TIME WHILE SEVERAL HEROES FACE OFF AGAINST THE "NIGHTMARE MAN," PETER LEARNS JUST HOW DEADLY THE VIRUS CAN BE -- When one of his forgotten abilities suddenly manifests, Peter and Caitlin get thrown into a crisis situation, and learn first-hand just how deadly the mysterious virus striking people with abilities can be. Suresh, Matt, Nathan, Niki and Bob band together to fend off the "nightmare man's" attack. Despite Claire's best efforts to keep them apart, West learns that the man who kidnapped him as a child is her father. Meanwhile, in feudal Japan, Hiro and Kensei's legendary journey takes a dramatic, final turn.
Nov. 12 2.8 FOUR MONTHS AGO THE EXTRAORDINARY STRIVE TO BE ORDINARY FOUR MONTHS AFTER THE EXPLOSIVE EVENTS IN NEW YORK, BUT DEADLY NEW THREATS LOOM AS BRAND-NEW INDIVIDUALS WITH ABILITIES EMERGE WORLDWIDE -- As the second volume of "Heroes" begins, the fates of Peter, Nathan and Matt are revealed, following the horrible showdown with Sylar and Peter's uncontrolled nuclear detonation miles above New York City. As everyone attempts to move on, a new sinister force begins stalking and murdering Heroes. With the family hiding in Southern California, H.R.G. and Claire attempt to live as inconspicuously as possible ... which proves to be easier said than done. Meanwhile, after landing in feudal Japan, Hiro meets his hero Takezo Kensei. Twins Maya and Alejandro Herrera hope to make the crossing into the U.S. from Mexico, in hopes of finding help with their deadly abilities.
Entertainment Weekly weighs in this week on the second season of “Heroes.” Find all of Gillian Flynn’s piece here. 9 p.m. Monday. NBC.

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