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Capone knows what to call HAROLD AND KUMAR 2!!

Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. I haven't seen this little bit of inspired news land anywhere else yet (maybe it has), but I just got word directly from New Line that the title of the new HAROLD & KUMAR film has been changed. When I spoke to Kal Penn late last year, the rumored plot line had the happy stoners heading to Amsterdam, and for all I know that's still in the cards. For several months now the title for the film that has been circulating was HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO AMSTERDAM. Not exactly original, but loaded with comic possibilities. If you were paying attention, the teaser trailer that leaked a few weeks back didn't actually have a full title attached to it. But according to New Line, the film (scheduled to open February 8, 2008) has the boys starting their adventure in a very different place, and it makes me wonder if they are playing off the not-so-veiled racism that Kumar experienced in the last film ("Thank you, come again."). So what's the new, socially relevant title being promoted by New Line? HAROLD & KUMAR ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY Oh my. Any thoughts, folks? Capone

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