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WOLVERINE is calling May Day in 2009

Hey folks, Harry here - According to Variety - WOLVERINE is screaming May Day as his own in 2009... that's right May 1st, 2009 will be the date for the WOLVERINE stand alone film. I read an early draft of this - before a set of serious notes were being implemented. The biggest of which seems to be 'time-frame'. You see, apparently they're talking to Liev Schreiber to play William Stryker - who up until now has been played by Brian Cox. Personally - I prefer Schreiber as a director - more than as an actor... - BUT what that means is that the WOLVERINE story should be taking place at least 25-30 years prior to the events in the X-MEN movie time frame... which would place the film in the late Seventies / Early EIghties? Right? That's if they acknowledge it at all... right? In the script it was never really seeming to be like that. It was definitely pre-X-MEN, but it didn't seem to be SIGNIFICANTLY before. But then that draft was frankly a bore. Essentially being a Wolverine vs Sabretooth, then Wolverine vs 10,000 Sabretooths - LAME. Word has it that a fairly significant rewrite is being done before it starts shooting. Of course - the Strike means we won't get the rewrite to take Wolverine to Japan and the real story they should be telling. Sigh. Apparently they're planning to shoot in Australia, New Zealand and New Orleans... Variety hypothesizes that this means GAMBIT - but that's not the case. The New Orleans scene is basically a Mutant Only club scene with a bunch of insignificant Muties.

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