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Hercules Says CAVEMEN No Longer Worst Thing Ever!!

I am – Hercules!!
“Really? Whipping noises?” Tonight’s episode of “Cavemen,” titled “The Cavewoman,” made me laugh aloud a number of times! ABC says:
"The Cavewoman" - Joel, Nick and Andy fall under the spell of the deliciousness of Fruitberry, a frozen yogurt shop. Though Nick is wary of falling for a fad, he can't help but fall for the hot cavewoman who works at the shop. Meanwhile, Kate is upset with Joel for not coming to her defense when the cavewoman insults her.
I will emphasize this. Heather the yogurt-slinging cavewoman, as played by Mazuresque amazon Kim Director, is truly hot and truly funny, hairy knuckles and all. “The guy who hates everything everybody else likes because it makes him feel superior!” she proclaims at one juncture. Heather, meet talkback! 8 p.m. Tuesday. ABC.

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