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Yet more JLA info! Who's to design and create Batman and Superman's new duds? And who's to photograph them for George Miller?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. How does a movie like JUSTICE LEAGUE just seem to happen? Where are the years of heavy production and even more years of languishing in limbo? Now we have a movie that will be directed by George Miller, shot by Dean Semler (ROAD WARRIOR, APOCALYPTO) and have all the suits designed and created by the genius' at Weta Workshop, according to a story by those good folks over at obsessedwithfilm (thanks for the heads up, "Bionic Man") I haven't confirmed this with anybody at Weta yet, but it sounds right. We already know Miller is going to shoot in his home country, a hop across the pond from New Zealand, and this sounds right up their alley. I remember way back when Darren Aronofsky was going to direct BATMAN: YEAR ONE I bumped into him at Weta (I was there for my first visit on RINGS). He was getting the grand tour and talking to them about creating Batman's new costume then. Now it's all about the casting and if they can clearly tell us what kind of movie to expect. We've heard fully performance/motion capture, then we heard it was going to be half and half... now we have Weta building suits, so it's not going to be fully motion capture we know that much. Just how would half and half work for a film like this? And I know all the TV fans love Tom Welling. His name has been rumored with this project from the beginning. I'm sure he's great... I've seen more than a few SMALLVILLE episodes, but if they're not going to keep in continuity with the existing films (which is perfectly fine), then I'd be more in favor of someone who isn't already associated with Superman. What do you folks think?

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