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Fox Cancels All
BUFFY Screenings!!

I am – Hercules!!
The “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” sing-a-longs are no more, cancelled by 20th Century Fox lawyers who apparently don’t feel the studio is getting a big enough taste of the sing-a-long profits. Fox has allegedly pulled its licensing for all public exhibitions of the TV shows it owns, including all episodes of “Buffy” “Angel” and “Firefly.” The sing-a-long screenings of “Buffy” episode “Once More With Feeling” (including those held at the nation’s best cinema, Austin’s Original Alamo Drafthouse) were often accompanied by screenings of “Hush.” Now fans of “Buffy” will have to huddle, hunted and fearful, in illegal raves or speakeasies if they want to laugh together at favorite episodes. "We have to protect our interests, and that's what we're doing," Fox spokesman Chris Alexander tells the Associated Press. "There are plenty of legal ways for fans to enjoy Buffy, but this particular event is not going to be possible at this time." Read all of the AP’s story on the matter here. Find additional stories here and here.

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That works out to $33 Per Season!! The extras-crammed Definitive Editions!! Individual seasons cost $69.99 New; $50 used!! They were going for close to $100/season not too long ago!
(The discount presumably celebrates the release of the “Twilight Zone” movie in HD, so don’t expect it to last ...)

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