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Rumor of the day: a tasty morsel about Bryan Singer's sequel to SUPERMAN RETURNS!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I've got a sweet little hunk of a rumor to share with you folks. This comes from an untested source, but one that should know what he/she/it is talking about. This person has personally observed Bryan Singer at work on VALKYRIE and apparently he has been putting pressure on one of his cast members to return to his star-making role as a villain in Singer's SUPERMAN sequel. That, of course, would be Terence Stamp and the role would be that of General Zod. Sure, it's possible this is BS, it's possible that even if it's true that Singer just likes to kid around with Stamp and it could have been misinterpreted. But I gotta say... I love it. I don't think Zod needs to be a young man and the idea of Zod as played by Stamp returning has me excited. If they follow the continuity, I suppose Zod could have survived the end of Superman II and maybe having his powers stripped caused the aging he would have done in the phantom zone to catch up to him. Maybe? Or maybe they'll just start anew, which I would like a bit better. I like SUPERMAN RETURNS, but I felt that it kind of painted itself into a corner using the established rules of Donner's originals. What do you folks think?

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