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Fucking Yippee, Harry Here!!! Ok - I'm in. Simon Pegg as Scotty is as wonderful as an Asian Girl Sandwich night. I'm fucking deliriously happy. This is the first piece of STAR TREK casting that JJ has done that has made me drool with anticipation. The word is that the budget has gotten bigger and bigger and that for the first time in the history of the franchise, STAR TREK is being given a truly epic budget to recreate, conceive and explore Gene's universe. That news and SIMON "fucking" PEGG - make this the happiest day in Trek geek life, other than the day STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN was released. Oh man. Fucking awesome. So awesome. Ecstacy. Simon Pegg is Montgomery "Giving it all I got Capt'n" Scott. Blessed be to God. He is great and glorious to make this happen for the greater glory of geekdom. We are truly the blessed people!

Man - Harry here again... I'm just so happy about this. Can you imagine an R rated STAR TREK movie, strictly from the point of view of a Simon Pegg SCOTTY - where he has to deal with all the shit that Kirk gets the Enterprise into. Holding back his real temperment on the intercom - whilst cussing like a Scotsman as he and his team plug on trying to keep the crew alive? Cursing the name of Kirk for blindly getting them ambushed, only to put the stress of annihilation upon SCOTTY - who constantly rose to the occassion to save their fucking necks? Sigh. Bliss. What a wonderful dream... sigh...

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