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A Spoiler-Happy Review

I am – Hercules!!
Bullet points from a review of next month's “Battlestar Galactica: Razor” just posted at * “Razor” focuses on two periods in Pegasus history: 1) right before the Cylons destroyed the Colonies and 2) 10 months later, when Lee Adama captained her. * Bill Adama's "early days" in Cylon War I only take up about four minutes of the movie. * The movie pays major homage to the 1970s “Galactica.” An excerpt:
they bring back the original Cylons! The big tan “toasters” with the single roving eye, they even show us the original Cylon Base Ships, the original fighters, the original 3 seated Cylons (in the fighters) and we even get the original roving eye sound effect.
* The review features SPOILERS cloaked in something called “INVISIO TEXT.” I’m going to relay them here in good, old-fashioned invisotext©®™: SPOILER ONE: "The film briefly centers around a faction of Cylons whose purpose is to protect 'The Guardian,' it’s why we have the original Toasters back. The Cylon story really serves as a backdrop to everything else that goes on and doesn’t rear its head until the last 20 minutes. But pay careful attention to it, because in the upcoming season this is going to become a major subplot as the Cylons will face an internal war between the old guard and the new ones." SPOILER TWO: "At the end of the movie the Cylon 'God Guy' says 'That the crew must not follow Kara Thrace, she is the harbinger of the Apocalypse for the Human Race.' He also keeps repeating 'All this has happened before and will happen again, again, again….' BOOM!" Read all of’s review here.

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