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Learn Who Eric Bana Plays In STAR TREK XI!!

I am – HULKules!!
If nerd get sex tonight, it because Eric Bana in “Star Trek”!! Bana (“Hulk,” “Munich”) play villainous "Nero"!!! Nero menace Kirk, Spock, Chekhov, Uhura and (Hulk hope!!) Janice Rand in J.J. Abrams' “Star Trek” movie, due Christmas 2008!! Principal photography to run November 2007 to March 2008!! Article in Wednesday morning Hollywood Reporter say actor Chris Pine ("Just My Luck") may have to choose between George Clooney movie "White Jazz" and playing James Kirk in "Trek"!! Hulk not need spaceship!! Hulk jump to planet that make Hulk angry!! Hulk punch puny planet into less desirable orbit!! Read more on Bana casting here at!!

Hey folks, Harry here... is telling us that ERIC BANA has been cast as the villain NERO in JJ's Star Trek. Now - we don't know much more than that. At one point it was rumored that Russell Crowe was in talks to play the villain - but alas - that's not happening. I like Russell, but I like Eric Bana just as much. Now here's the real question. Who or what is NERO? Now remember - this is supposed to be a relaunch of Classic Trek: The Younger Years - but if it is in that universe... they could find that it is actually the Nero that fiddled while Rome burned - due to an alien ship that came and abducted him. After which Emperor Nero was admitted into the Q league and - well... I don't even want to joke about that any further. Cuz - I really hope this isn't in the tradition of THAT version of Classic Trek. And even if it is... how amazing would it be to take the idea of those most absurd metaphoric episodes and produce them amazingly well? I can't fathom that. Anyway... Eric Bana's the bad guy. I just can't wait to see who Kirk is. Maybe it'll be Brad Pitt - so we can have a rematch between Hector and Achilles. Who knows...

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