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Attention Female Demographic (And Dudes In Touch With Their Feminine Side)!! Here's A SEX AND THE CITY Movie Scoop!!

MiraJeff here with some Sex in the City scoopage. It's weird, sometimes the news quite literally falls into your lap. I was perusing some old friends on Facebook tonight on the trusty laptop when I stumbled upon this little ditty tat I haven't seen posted anywhere else. That's right, this is an AICN exclusive that might just be juicy enough to land inside this week's US Weekly. It seems as though the Sex and the City movie will feature at least one flashback because my fellow NYU alum POLINA FRANTSENA has landed the plum role of Young Carrie. I've had the pleasure of knowing this gorgeous (and talented) model/actress for a few years through a mutual friend and speaking completely as a heterosexual male fan of Sex and the City, I think she'll fill Carrie's 1986-ish Blahniks quite nicely. I've attached a few photos. Polina is the beautiful one wearing the hat. And producers, if you're looking for a Young Mr. Big, well... keep looking. Cheers, MiraJeff (aka Mr. Not Big But Still a Nice Size)

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