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Here Comes THE RED BARON!! Is His Smokin' Hot Effects Reel Better Than His Pizza??

Merrick here...
There's a RED BARON movie coming from Germany, where it'll be released in February of next year. HERE's the official movie site. In case you're not familiar with "The Red Baron", it's the nickname of Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen - a German fighter pilot badass who racked up 80 confirmed kills during World War I. While he officially died in 1918, his essence later became the scourge of Snoopy in PEANUTS & started a popular line of frozen pizzas. Anyways... Some material from the film is showing up online and it! Here is a YouTube video of effects company Pixomondo's work on the film.
Okay, so that video quality sucks. HOWEVER, you can see the same reel (with infinitely superior clarity) via a large, glorious QuickTime playback HERE!!! The movie is apparently shot in English language (for better or worse) it's safe to assume it'll be exported to some extent. There's no word on a possible release in the States at this time. Thanks to Darth Gore for calling this to our attention. It's intriguing. More on this as more comes in...

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