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So About That Tim Burton Rumor...

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. Let’s consider this a rumor on top of a rumor with rumor sauce on the side... but it’s too tasty not to run it. Check out what just hit the inbox:
It's a feature length remake of his short "Frankenweenie." All stop motion. Leave me completely anonymous, please.
I got in touch with the one person I know who might be able to confirm that, and he literally hung up the phone on me as I was asking the question. I’m going to assume (unless he calls me back to explain that odd disconnect) that this is not information that Disney’s ready to release yet if it is, in fact, true, and if it’s not true, then it’s at the very least a fun rumor to chew on for a Monday morning. I know Quint’s got a ton of updates for you tonight. I’m trying to finish one DVD piece, one giant review, and two interview transcriptions now. And all Toshi wants to do is watch the IRON MAN trailer for the 10,000th time, so it’s not easy.

Drew McWeeny, Los Angeles

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