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Wanna Know What Indiana Jones Is Doing This Week?!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. Okay, this is just too good to keep to myself. A trusted source got in touch with me yesterday, a wee bit nervous after all the hullabaloo over the loose-lipped INDY 4 extra who blabbed a bunch of spoilers and ruined his own career in the process. That extra was an idiot for violating his non-disclosure agreement so prominently, and I’ll bet he didn’t even know he was being an idiot. So my source is under deep deep deep cover, but they’ve always been reliable in the past and they’ve been contributing to the site for years. When they say something, I can trust it to be accurate and well-intentioned. My source got in touch to ask if I knew what was being filmed by the INDY 4 crew now that they’re on the Downey soundstages. Based on what I’d heard about the script, I was starting to think that something we’d heard about the film was completely wrong, but now I know there’s something to it, and I’m intrigued. Even knowing as much as I know about the film, it’s obvious there are going to be surprises for me, and that’s exciting. I’m not sure how it all ties in, but sure enough... as rumored (and I never really believed it until now), on a soundstage in Downey... they’ve evidently built a reproduction of the warehouse from the end of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and they’re staging a sequence there even as you read this. I would lovelovelovelovelovelove to see what this warehouse looks like, considering it’s one of the most iconic locations in any of the three movies so far. It all sounds exciting to me, and my natural cynicism about this project is slowly eroding in the face of some of the groovy choices they're making as they put this together.

Drew McWeeny, Los Angeles

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