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The girl who plays Sarah Corvus and Kara Thrace spoke for about 22 minutes to KUFO-FM’s “Cort and Fatboy” Wednesday night and said she’ll be doing a lot more “Bionic Woman” this season. Katee “Baby Spank” Sackhoff is currently shooting her fifth episode of the NBC show even as she’s shooting “Battlestar Galactica” 4.11 (an episode, she tells the duo, viewers are not likely to see until 2009). “Galactica” and “Bionic” apparently shoot right next to each other in Vancouver. “Bionic” currently has a 13-episode order that could grow to a full season if ratings warrant. Hopefully they will. Sackhoff says she’ll appear in seven episodes of “Bionic” this year, and is contracted to become a series regular if NBC picks the show up for a second season. She is also asked (repeatedly) about being so much more popular among critics and viewers than the brunette bionic woman. Here’s how Fatboy plugs her appearance:
It appears previous interviews with us have gotten her in enough trouble with NBC/Universal that she now necessitates a publicist to make sure she doesn't slip up and explode the heads of her higher ups. And even with that publicist, she lets a couple interesting things go in regards to both Battlestar AND Bionic Woman HEAR: Katee give a non-committal "hmm" as a non-answer to the prospect of Sarah and Jaime becoming 2007's Buffy and Faith should Season 2 get greenlit. LISTEN: As Katee weighs in on the revelation of the Final Fifth and why he's maybe not the best choice they could have come up with WONDER: As Katee seems to call the identity of Starbuck herself into question for Season 4, and hints at Adama angst leading to multiple attempts at asswhipping. Plus she just generally is her cute adorable self as she admits she totally ripped off Tricia Helfer for a fat paycheck.
Listen to the whole 22-minute interview here.

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