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UGO has some JUSTICE LEAGUE spoilers that sound cool!

Hey folks, Harry here - one of the oldest and best Movie bloggers on the web, Patrick Sauriol seems to have a pretty damn good source on George Miller's JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. Over at his Back Row Chatter column - he has a source giving him some really fun scoop on JUSTICE LEAGUE. This is literally the number one script I'd love to read. The rumors have been all over the place, and it feels like... Well... with George Miller at the head of this production, I couldn't be any more excited. Miller has a sense of dynamics and action that's been pent up into the realm of family films for too long. The rumored STORYBOARD comic script for MAD MAX IV was whispered to have some of the most astonishingly intense visuals concieved for a film - and with SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, MARTIAN MANHUNTER, FLASH and GREEN LANTERN - it seems according to Patrick - that a big chunk of the film hinges upon Batman's "REDEYE" - where he kept detailed files on the Leaguers, their identites and their weaknesses - should he ever have to "take them down". I love this. To find out more, check out Sauriol's Back Row Chatter

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