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Brilliant Modern Italian Mob film, LA SCORTA to be remade!!!

Hey folks, Harry here. A couple of years ago there was a DVD of a little known Italian mob flick that I gave my highest recommendation to. LA SCORTA is one of the most startlingly badass Italian mafia flicks I've seen since the classic era of the seventies from Fernando Di Leo. The film is about 4 honest cops charged with guarding a replacement prosecutor from Mafia-style execution. Imagine a bodyguard version of THE UNTOUCHABLES and you're not far off. The film is fucking fantastic.

LA SCORTA is being remade by Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment. It will be being directed by a Danish director named Asger Leth - check his doc, GHOSTS OF CITE SOLEIL. He's a fairly unknown factor in this type of film - however I couldn't resist this opportunity to remind you folks to check out the original LA SCORTA (you can pick it up at the link above). That film is, no bullshit, awesome!

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