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Fox’s FAMILY GUY Eyes An

I am – Hercules!!
Sunday night’s “Star Wars” edition of “Family Guy” was the series’ highest-rated installment since returning to Fox in 2005, and a parody of “The Empire Strikes Back” “seems likely,” a Fox source tells TV Week’s James Hibberd exclusively. (Producers will likely first want to secure again the cooperation of Lucasfilm -- which allowed the use of the original sound effects and John Williams’ music but requested that the show tone down the Luke and Leia incest jokes, among other changes.) The same piece suggests the “Star Wars” parodies could become an annual tradition much like the “Simpsons” Halloween specials. Hibberd’s article also notes that there are no plans to repeat the episode, and it will not be available for download via, XBox or iTunes. Read all of TV Week's story on the matter here.

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