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Eli Roth to write and direct an episode of HEROES: ORIGINS!!! Dear God, Will Noone Save The Cheerleader?

Hey folks, Harry here... It's almost unfathomable. My precious cheerleader in the hands of ELI ROTH??? Well, I don't know if her character will be involved in Eli's episode... but he is aware of my regrowing hymen theory - and Eli is sick enough to go at it. But is television sick enough? I think not. Whatever Eli is going to do - I'm sure all you fans of his in Talkback will be there rooting for him every second of the way. That's right, your very own whipping boy, whipping your favorite show with his sick, twisted, horny mind. I can't wait for the talk back for that episode. Hell, I can't wait. Hats off to the fine folks over at G4's ATTACK OF THE SHOW for breaking the story, and here's the video of the announcement:
Oh - Tim Kring seemed to also announce that JOHN AUGUST and MICHAEL DOUGHERTY will be joining Eli Roth and Kevin Smith as brilliant choices for whatever this Spin off will be. So - ahem... let the celebration begin...

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