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Harry clocks in with a Fantastic Fest look at the world premiere of TIME CRIMES - a brilliant debut film by Nacho Vigalondo!!!

The first new film, for me, to see at FANTASTIC FEST was of a film that Tim League programmed at the festival. The movie was literally finished and put on 35mm... last week, somewhere in Spain. The director is Nacho Vigalondo - the oscar nominated director in 2005 for his short film, 7:35 DE LA MANANA. There is no reason that you should know his name, as we never do get to see those Oscar nominated Live Action shorts... but the nomination gained him just enough notoriaty in Spain to get his first feature produced... and folks - it's absolutely fantastic. The movie I'd draw a parallel to is CEMETERY MAN. What CEMETERY MAN was to Italian Zombies, TIME CRIMES is to Spanish Time Travel. Both films have a dark comedic backbone, yet are tragic, soulful and thoroughly entertaining. The movie begins with Hector and his wife... actually, it begins before that. Hector is driving up into the lot of his house with items spilling out of the back of his car. We get it, this guy's a bit of a clumsy fella. Hector is played by one of my favorite Spanish actors, Karra Elejalde - whom, if you remember Alex De La Iglesia's ACCION MUTANTE - you know Karra. Here he is playing a loving husband, who seems to be trying to relax in his backyard when he observes a beautiful young girl stripping. When she disappears from view and his wife drives off... he decides to try to move in to re-establish his view. Let me tell you right now. No good can come from being a peeping tom. You should be happy with whatever momentary glimpse you caught - because getting closer, just isn't going to be good. I'll skip the next bits, but soon he finds himself running from a bandaged face man, who apparently has been bleeding and who has stabbed Hector in the arm with a PAIR OF SCISSORS... evil. The wound... ouch. In short order - he finds himself in a complex - a scientific complex in the woods - and one thing leads to another and he's time traveled a half day back. Now there are two Hectors - two clumsy oafs, two adoring curious husbands - and things get more complicated. Things get tragic. Things get very serious. This is a film with laughs, smiles and cries. It is the very best Time Travel film in quite some time. It's small, tight and brilliant with no real loose ends - and in the end, you have to ask yourself if Hector is evil or simply complacent - and if in that complacency has he been especially evil. I love this film. It is the best of what I love about Spain's genre films. Elegant, smart and most of all HUMAN. HECTOR is a flawed hero in a perfect film. We will see a great deal of great things from the director named Nacho. And I can't wait for each and every serving.

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