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UPDATED!! Today Should Be A National Holiday!! The First Pic(s) From The SEX AND THE CITY Movie Has Arrived!!

Merrick here... ...with an additional image, snapped during the film's current NYC filming. The sender had this to say:
Yo! Geek in the City here, I've got a friend, we'll call her Sarah X, in New York right now who IS that target demographic Harry is trying to nail. (Woman, Hot, 26). Anyway, she is following the filming while in New York this week. She just sent me this image of Sarah Jessica Parker and the Mr. Big guy outside a hotel. Sorry for the low quality, but all she has is her cell phone camera. Geek in the City
We appreciate your time and effort Aaron, Sarah X, etc. Here's the image:


Merrick here...
Okay, well, the last time I posted a SEX AND THE CITY article I touched upon how much I hated the television series & made a rude/unprofessional comment about Sarah Jessica Parker's appearance. So... Naturally... It falls now upon me to bring you this... It's a promo shot for the SEX AND THE CITY movie that no one in my universe seems to need in any way, shape or form. None the less, Harry informs me that the SEX AND THE CITY movie is "an important title to AICN's female demographic" (which I'm thinking probably accounts for about 20 or 30 people, but I could be wrong), know...we have to post this I guess. BELOW: Chris Noth as Mr. Big and Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie, reprising their series roles for the SEX AND THE CITY theatrical film that's written/directed by Michael Patrick King - an Executive Producer on the original show.
The most interesting element of this me, at the hand guiding the tape measure on the lower left hand side of the image. Now THAT...intrigues.

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