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What Happens When You Move Harlem To Toronto?? HULK Smash!!

Merrick here...
My man JvG sent in some shots from last night's filming of THE INCREDIBLE HULK in Toronto; we really appreciate the effort he went through to bring us these. The images pretty much speak for themselves. In the past we've heard about a Hulk-vs-Abomination beat down outside of Harlem's Apollo theater - I suppose this is a hint of what it'll look like. The bottom pic...with Jon Stewart gazing down on the action from a green sign? Wonder if that's some sort of Stewart/Hulk in-joke?
Okay, so I got a bunch of pictures of the Incredible Hulk shoot tonight. When I got off the subway all I could see was a huge fire at the end of the street. I ran down the back streets with 7 heavy textbooks in my backpack to get to the end of the block where all the commotion was.The entire area was totally blocked off so I had to stand on the very edge of the shoot with about 200 other people. Tried to find a roof to shoot from but no luck. You would think there would a ladder on at least one building. They basically had the bus blow up every 15 minutes while the extras ran out of the Apollo and around the corner where I was standing. Well, here are the shots. They are all high res so I have to send 'em in 2 batches. Cheers! JvG


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