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Moriarty interviews BRAD BIRD, director of the upcoming classic feature film, THE IRON GIANT

Hey there everyone, Harry here. Every now and again, Moriarty feels the need to... Well, to get in the ring with the fellas that make all this magic that makes us go... "COooooooooooOOL" Today, is one such case.

A few months ago, Moriarty saw and reviewed THE IRON GIANT (CLICK HERE TO READ MORIARTY'S REVIEW!), and ever since, he's become one of the 'blessed'. Apparently from every account I can find and talk to... THE IRON GIANT is not a good film. It's not even a great film. The word is that THE IRON GIANT is a MASTERPIECE of animation!

It's also getting almost zero press coverage. A recent LA TIMES article on what is coming up in the world of animation gave no mention of this film. A film, that while I was at PIXAR, several animators told me was THE film they were looking forward to. One animator wished that they were cloned because while he loved working for John Lassiter... he wished he were also working with Brad Bird.

The man's name in the animation community is spoken with reverant tones... WHY? Well... it's because he is literally one of the true masters working in the field of animation today. Because he looks at animation as not a genre, but as a tool for telling great cinematic stories. And those stories can include the wonderful world of children's tales, but it can also be soooo much more. He is a man that doesn't just dream of the day when American animation can be about more than musicals and funny sidekicks... He's actually taking the steps to make it a reality.

I've looked into the eyes of three men that have seen THE IRON GIANT, and all three when I'm asking about it, have this strange Charlton Heston (from THE TEN COMMANDMENTS) look upon their faces. It's as if they saw something that touched their soul.

I'm not going to fool you, I'm not gonna blow smoke up your ass.... I haven't seen this film. The things I'm saying on this page are merely my reporting of what I have found out about THE IRON GIANT, and folks.... I'm dying to see this film.

At the following link, you will find an interview of such high calibre that I will pit it against the best interviews with film greats anywhere. Not only did Moriarty do a superb job, but Brad Bird shot straight. He didn't talk to us as some posse of mindless geeks, but as lovers of animation.

My only comment to Warner Brothers is this... Go with Brad's trailer, put it on EVERYTHING. Ship it out to be put on MATRIX (a film that will be pulling in audiences for weeks), put it out to be placed on THE MUMMY and STAR WARS and TARZAN and every possible film being released. When you have a classic, a masterpiece you owe it to the film, the animators, the talent and everybody that's ever made a film to scream it from the highest place in the world so all the people waiting for a great film can hear.

From the sounds of things, this isn't just a cartoon. It's a great film. Treat it as such. And thanks for allowing it to be made.


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