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Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. I love the premise for this movie. I don’t care if it’s through an American distributor or on an import DVD or how... I have to see this movie. I have to see it soon. It sounds bizarre and wonderful and sweet and crazy, and I’ve got the itch something fierce now... I will not rest until I’ve seen DAI-NIPPONJIN as soon as possible. Check out what this spy had to say about it:

Hi there, first time reviewer here and first time Toronto Film Fest attendee. There's 349 movies at TIFF but this one was said to be the most unique and original. I knew nothing about it or director Hitoshi Matsumoto before it was announced for TIFF but the plot summary made it sound like something I had to see for myself. It really helped that Matsumoto is a huge star in Japan so there was an unusually high ratio of asian vs. "round-eye" and they love every minute of this guy. There was a lot of energy at the midnight showing, been a while since I've felt that in a theatre. Dai-Nipponjin translates to "The Great Japanese" and is the story of Daisato; a 40-something guy who lives in a run down, messy house with a stray cat. His ex-wife doesn't want to see him, his 8 year old daughter doesn't care about him and he has to deal with his grandfather who is suffering from dementia. He's considered something of a joke by those around him and his tv show is failing in the ratings. What's his tv show about? It's follows him as he transforms into a 100 foot tall giant who battles the "baddies" who, whether intentionally or not, cause destruction in Japan. So the movie certainly has elements of giant monster movies from Japan but this is taken to a whole other place. The movie is told as a documentary, it's something akin to It's All Gone Pete Tong or even The Office. A cameraman is following Daisato around, asking him about his day to day life, why he carries an umbrella around, how often he eats out, how much he makes... it's pretty mundane stuff and it's done with some great subtle and not so subtle humour. It's quirky and cute, Matsumoto has a dead-pan delivery that likens him to a Japanese Steven Wright with no punch lines, there are only hints at what is coming. Everything seems pretty normal and bleak until Daisato gets a phone call and he informs the camera man that he has to go to work; he has to "bake". So he rushes off to a power plant, where they juice him up with megawatts of power (via nipple clamps) that cause him to grow into a giant, tattoo covered, purple speedo wearing baddie fighter: Dai-Nipponjin. And unlike Hulk, he actually carries around the giant purple speedos with him for when he makes this transformation (see the attached pic with undies hanging behind him). The transformation is where this movie just goes from funny to insane. The first baddie is the Squishee Baddie, he looks like something out of a Chris Cunningham video, a large white figure with a giant elastic band for arms that he wraps around buildings before flipping them upside down. Oh, and his head is that of an elderly Japanese man with a bad combover. Ths is all done CGI and it looks incredible, a huge contrast to the hand held camera work of the documentary. I couldn't wipe the smile of my face. We see Dai-Nipponjin fight several very strange baddies throughout the movie and we see the struggles he has of his show and his family. There are several scenes of complete losecontrolandlaughoutloud madness, often coming from the quieter moments. And even after all the over the top things you see through out the movie, the final scenes throw it into another world, bringing in an Ultraman type family to help Daisato conquer a great new foe. I don't want to spoil anything but there are wedgies and flying babies involved. Bottom line, this movie is insane. If you're a fan of giant monsters and completely crazy humour find this movie. I have no idea when it's going to come out proper in North America, but run see this anyway you can (yes, ANYWAY possible). You can wash the taste out of your mouth with laughter. I should have reviews of The Devil's Chair (brit horror about an evil chair...) and À l'intérieur (french horror, compared to Brain Dead/Dead Alive in gore content) coming tomorrow. They call me El Giante
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