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Is Disney's ENCHANTED enchanting?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Now, we've gotten some pretty leafy reviews for Disney films in the past and this one might be another one to add on to that pile, but it does jibe with what I've heard about ENCHANTED. The trailer is a little sweet, but it also looks really damn cheesy. However, I've heard from many insiders that the script is incredibly smart and funny and the film will be a big surprise. I hope so. I like the idea and it'd be good to see a good family film that works for more than just the 3 year olds again. Here's the review from an early screening. Keep in mind it is possible this is not the final version of the flick. Enjoy!

Hi Quint, Saw your comment about Enchanted and though you might like to hear this: I live in London; last week the Husbando and I went to see Bourne Ultimatum (good, but I still like Supremacy best), as we were staring at the refreshments board trying to figure out if we would need to re-mortgage the house for some popcorn, a man with a clipboard walked up and asked if we wanted to come to a free movie. Free movie? we asked, suddenly very interested. He explained that he worked for a research group doing a screening of a new Disney film to see how to market and edit it. He handed us a flyer and sure enough it was for 'Enchanted'. I'd seen the trailer for it before Harry Potter and dismissed it as something I wasn't going to see but see above re: free movie. It was then that Mr Clipboard mentioned who was in the film and I was actually interested. So we called the magic number and got ourselves seats for the screening. I still figured that it would be one of those typical Disney films that you only really go to see because it is your 8 year old niece's birthday and she has cornered the market on Disney Princess merchandise. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not going to go into detail -but I don't really need to. The film is typically Disney - but typically GOOD Disney. Say what you like, you have to admit that when Disney does something well, they do it REALLY well and this is no exception. Amy Adams is spot on as the animated princess turned real. I've loved her since Drop Dead Gorgeous and she is the primary reason I decided to see this. James Marsden (who I could only ever previously describe as 'wooden') proved that he is capable of turning out a really good comic performance as the charming Prince Edward. If I were his agent, I would seriously consider sending him out for more comic stuff in the future. Both of them manage to make their animated characters work, right down to their body language which carries over from the animated version into the real world and is the primary reason that the characters don't degenerate in parody. They move like animated people and it works. My one complaint about the film is that Susan Sarandon doesn't move like her animated counterpart and it makes her Queen Nerissa too camp. The movie takes some standard fairy tale conventions (helpful talking animals, a supply of beautiful gowns for the peasant-turned-princess, etc) and turns them on their heads. The musical numbers are few but funny and the ending you expect, while still there, is satisfying when it comes. The cut I saw was pretty long, and I'm sure that this will be trimmed for eventual release, but there isn't a lot there that NEEDS to come out, and I'd probably go see it again when it comes out, just to see what they do cut. Husbando, who only agreed to go because it was free and I insisted, enjoyed it as well. Saying that while he wouldn't have gone without me, he would probably recommend it to other couples, ones with or without children, as a good night out. All in all, I would say that if there is anything in the Disney animated back catalog that you enjoyed, almost regardless of how old you were when you saw it, Enchanted is worth seeing. If you use this, call me Bug.

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