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The Master Control Program Has Chosen You To Serve Your System On The Game Grid!! There's A New TRON Movie In Motion!!

Director Joseph Kosinski is in negotiations to helm TRON, described as "the next chapter" of the 1982 film. Kosinski made a splash last month when he was signed to direct the long-gestating remake/re-adaptation of LOGAN'S RUN. You can see some of his awesome, hyper-stylized commercial work HERE! Click the "WORK" tab. I love his stuff. The new TRON project will scripted by LOST writers Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis and, interestingly, will be produced by original film co-scribe & director Stephen Lisberger.
When making the original, in order to convince the studio to take a chance on a first-time director, Lisberger shot a test reel, financed by the studio, involving the deadly Frisbee battle. In a case of historical synchronicity, sources said one of the things Kosinski will be doing is working on a sequence involving the movie's Light Cycles to work out his vision for the movie.
...says THIS ARTICLE in Hollywood Reporter.
Several weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a screening of TRON...shown in was the print recently stuck by Disney to show at the El Capitan if I'm not mistaken. It's a glorious print and the film is still a helluva lot of fun. If you ever get a chance to check out such a screening, be sure to - you'll get your geek on in a big way. Gotta love a line like: "Those of you who continue to profess a belief in the Users will receive the standard substandard training, which will result in your eventual elimination!" Standard substandard...awesome. Customarily, I wholly disagree with the notion of goofing with "classics". In this case, re-approaching TRON makes an enormous amount of sense - especially with Lisberger's involvement. Firstly, it may not be a "remake". And, a film like 300 could clearly be a template for how a movie as (literally and conceptually) "virtual" as TRON might be made. We've all seen the tremendous leaps forward in CGI technology since 1982...and the concept by nature, well, intrinsically supports an upgrade - v 2.0, and all of that. There is a TRON 2.0 game by the way - no word on if this film will use the game as a template, although I doubt it will. Another TRON movie has been in on-again/off-again development for quite some time; you can see glimpses of rather spectacular designs for it on this DVD of the film. If anyone has the capacity to grab these and send 'em along, I'd love to post them in this article. At one point, there was a TRON sequel being mulled that featured folks searching for Jeff Bridges' Flynn character inside of the computer...and Flynn was written to be something like Brando in APOCALYPSE NOW. Again, it's unclear as to whether this notion will be incorporated into the new project. I would imagine they'll more or less start from scratch, though.
know more about this project???

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