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JUSTICE LEAGUE going down under with the help of a mighty big geek producer?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. The folks at have a bit of interesting news on the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE movie from George Miller. It's no surprise that they found out it will be shooting in Australia. I think even HAPPY FEET was completely handled in Australia, Miller's home country. The real bit of interesting news, though, is that Barrie Osborne, producer of MATRIX and THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY is onboard as producer for this flick. This project absolutely fascinates me. Doing a superhero movie with Motion Capture (if the rumors are true) could lead to something amazing if Miller goes for a greatly stylized flick and steers away from the photo-real. Even the photo-real would be sweet, but there's more of the dead-eyes danger zone to contend with. But with an incredibly smart and experienced producer set and a visionary director helming, I'm sure we'll get something spectacular.

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