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Willie The Lizard Man Says A New V May Be Coming!!

Merrick here...
Robert Englund, who is best known as Freddy Kruger, also starred as the lovable "Willie" on the miniseries V, its sequel V: THE FINAL BATTLE, and the subsequent V: THE SERIES. At the recent London Film and Comic Con, Englund indicated a new V project may be in the works, probably recast with younger folks. This news isn't particularly surprising; V relaunches, sequels, and whatnot seem to be in an almost constant state of formation and upheaval. BABYLON 5's J. Michael Straczynski had V: THE REBIRTH at one point. More recently, original miniseries director/creator/writer Kenneth Johnson was brought in to update his concept...I seem to recall he was actually going to sequelize as opposed to relaunch. I.e. - there's often, if not always, some kinda V going on. Which also means: historically, there's a good chance this undertaking could belly-up like the others. I've always seen V (I don't know if it was officially intended as such) as an allegory to the rise of Hitler: a gargantuan, well-armed force (in this case lizard aliens) overruns civilization, rounds up either the people it needs or the people it deems dangerous, and begins mass experimentation and extermination.
If this new concept is brave enough, maybe it could also be an allegory for something like...say...Iraq? With the aliens equaling the U.S.? Wouldn't be terribly safe and might even be a little controversial, but I think the spirit would be about right. Don't take this as a political comment...just a thought. You can read a bit more at The Hollywood news - which is where this report originated. I always loved Barry De Vorzon's opening music for V: THE FINAL BATTLE. Sounded a bit like TERMINATOR to me until I realized the "ka chuk thuk" percussion was boots snapping...pretty cool in my book.

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