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Wolfgang Petersen And Whitley Strieber Introduce Us To THE GRAYS!! (Gasp!) It's About Aliens!?!?

Merrick here...
Unknown Country, author Whitley Strieber's website, indicates that Wolfgang Petersen will direct THE GRAYS (based on Strieber's novel) for Sony. THE GRAYS is about:
Danny and Katelyn Callaghan are a happily married couple oblivious that both took a saucer ride as kids—until a UFO sighting in their Indiana town awakens subliminal memories and excites their genius teenage son, Conner. Meanwhile, in a secret facility in Colorado, Air Force Lt. Lauren Glass learns that the Roswell incident really happened, and that for decades the surviving ETs have been sharing their advanced science with us. In exchange, these "Grays" have sought to rejuvenate their dying species by genetically manipulating human receptacles for their DNA. But some military hard-liners see this as a betrayal of humanity, and they launch a manhunt that brings them to Indiana and the Callaghans' doorstep.
...says Publishers Weekly. The book is said to draw heavily from Strieber's COMMUNION, which may be the book for which he is best known (although he wrote WOLFEN, which many people forget). The very mention of Strieber tends to get people riled up in my circles - it'll be interesting to see how a high profile movie like this is received. Meanwhile, no further word on the fate of Petersen's seemingly in perpetual development adaptation of Orson Scott Card's ENDER'S GAME. Maybe it can stand beside Morgan Freeman's RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA in the pantheon of hapless projects consigned to dwell for eternity in Development Hell. You can find the original article about THE GRAYS HERE!

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