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Oh my God! TRON's Steve Liseberger finally getting behind the camera again!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some hopefully awesome news. TRON is incredibly beloved by a whole generation of geeks and nerds. I'm one of them. I have a beautiful Australian one-sheet for the movie framed in the bedroom. Chick magnet, right? Anyway, since my earliest days on AICN I've heard about various projects Steve Lisberger (director of TRON) had been trying to get off the ground, including proposed sequels to TRON. Now it looks like he might have caught his break and gotten a chance to direct his first film in almost 20 years. It's not a sequel or a reimagining. It's a new flick called SOUL CODE. Variety has a story on it! Read below for an excerpt!!

The pioneering writer-director of 1982's "Tron" has sold "Soul Code," a futuristic tale he penned at the instigation of IGN hostess Jessica Chobot, to Reliant Pictures for mid-six figures. Lisberger will direct the story of a tech pioneer who has perfected a way to download and transfer a person's memory. Script examines what happens when her memory is placed into a much younger woman's body. "The same way 'Tron' was ahead of its time, this is way ahead of its time," said Reliant topper Thom Mount, who will tap into the shingle's credit facility with Allied Irish Bank to finance the production.

Don't really know enough about it to get super depressed or super excited, but I can say I really want to see what a Lisberger film looks like in today's filmmaking world. What about you guys?

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