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Annette Kellerman SHOOTs EM UP and says it's like Sex!

Hey folks, Harry here - leave it to Annette to find the sex scene on YouTube - hurry and check it out - that water minx likes it slippery and wet - and loves nothing more than a little bang bang bang... especially on her clip...

Hello all! Annette Kellerman here. I just HAD to report in after catching an early screening of SHOOT 'EM UP. It's been a while since a film made me this gleeful-gleeful in such a bad, naughty way that I just couldn't resist chiming in. First of all, if you're looking for meaningful, thought-provoking cinema this is not the movie for you. If, however, you're jonesin' for kickass, unadulterated gun-fun topped with ridiculous one-liners, then run (don't walk) to the theater and see this film immediately. You will not be disappointed. Not only does director Michael Davis totally deliver the goods, he manages to do it in a way that surprised and delighted me throughout. I haven't seen so much innovation in action sequences since... damn nothing really even comes to mind at the moment. I'm sure by now many of you have read about the skydiving gunfight sequence, yet this is merely the icing on the bullet ridden cake. I mean, there's actually a sex/gunfight combo scene, not to mention a melee INSIDE an arms factory. I was practically drooling...and I haven't even mentioned Clive Owen yet... The casting is superb. People may complain that Clive Owen plays the same brooding gunslinger in all his films, but as far as I'm concerned he can play this character every day of the week and you'll hear no complaints from me. When he delivers cheesy one-liners, my eyes never roll. Paul Giamatti is THE SHIT as the bad guy. It's always so refreshing to see him play mean instead of befuddled. Monica Bellucci as the hooker with the heart of gold is enchanting and dirty at the same time. This role could've gone to any number of Hollywood hotties, but Bellucci layers her performance with the complexity that saves this character from being just another pair of tits in an action flick. Love it. There's also a really dark and twisted side to this film that people will either love or hate. I, myself love to be offended in new and original ways, and I can't say that I've ever seen an umbilical cord severed with a bullet or a wet nurse whore before. There's much more where this came from... On top of all this flash and action, the story is actually pretty compelling. There's politics, a medical twist, and did I mention that there's a baby present throughout it all? Nothing strokes a girls heartstrings like the image of Clive Owen flying through the air, squeezing off round after round while clutching a newborn baby. So there, I've said it. Go see this movie. It's fun, offensive, and kickass all at the same time. Any complaints about the improbability of events in this film deserves a bitch slap. Until next time enjoy this clip I found on YouTube, Annette

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