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Bond Action Gets Actionier!!

Merrick here...
If you're like most folks I know...and are a fan of the grueling, savage beat downs Jason Bourne mets out to pursuing operatives...and think James Bond could learn a thing or four from Bourne...then you're probably gonna dig this news. Dan Bradley has been hired as the second unit director/action designer for BOND 22 (which is, obviously, a working title). Seems Bradley is responsible for the Bourn-ness that made Bourne Bourne, and now he's bringing his wicked magic to 007 (he's apparently just finished, or about to finish, his work on INDY 4!). Bond. Bourne. Indy. He's worked on Spidey and SUPERMAN also. How frigging cool is this guy? Read more about Bradley, and his work, HERE!

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