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Trailer for ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE unveils a film promising to be stunning!

Hey folks, Harry here... the title, ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE, is a very uncompelling title. It just doesn't sound like a title of a movie, more... the title of a HISTORY CHANNEL documentary. Intellectually, I knew it was Cate Blanchett - reunited with Shekhar Kapur - and they did conspire previously to make the brilliant ELIZABETH. A film, that I never expected a sequel to. However, upon watching the trailer for ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE - I was delighted to see Clive Owen playing Sir Walter Raleigh... which of course means an exciting film. Watching the beautiful images of Spanish Mains upon the High Seas as the English let loose their own ships. This is period of Queen Elizabeth's life that I've always dreamt of seeing realized, ever since I saw THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ELIZABETH AND ESSEX - which historically was about as accurate as PLANET OF THE APES, but it made me long for the period and the history. In that film, Vincent Price played a nefarious Sir Walter Raleigh, and it was Flynn's Earl of Essex that has Elizabeth (Bette Davis)'s heart. In ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE we get the drama of the threat of Spain, the threat of Mary - Queen of Scots as played by the beautiful Samantha Morton, as well as a load of Raleigh's Elizabethan exploits. And moreso - we get the stunning Cate Blanchett back as Elizabeth. The film comes on October 12th and I can't wait that long, hope I see it sooner!

Bow before the Queen lowly dogs!

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