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The spoilerific bloody and raunchy trailer for Dario Argento's MOTHER OF TEARS has arrived!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. This film is supposed to cap the trilogy began by Dario Argento with SUSPIRIA and INFERNO. I'm one of the few horror fans that thinks SUSPIRIA is overrated. I like the movie, of course. How can anyone not like that final 10 minutes or Goblin's amazing score or the color palate Argento used? I just don't think it's his best work and it is often used by pretentious film snobs as the tip of the top... usually just to sound smarter than whomever they're talking to. I'd take DEEP RED or TENEBRE or BIRD WITH A CRYSTAL PLUMAGE over SUSPIRIA personally, but that doesn't quell any excitement to see Argento return to form. The acting in the new, long trailer that is online isn't the best, but the tone and atmosphere (what we can gather from it in such a small WMV format) is right. Really curious about this one. Thanks to Lutz for the heads up! CLICK IT HERE TO WATCH THE TRAILER... BEWARE OF SPOILERS AND NSFW-NESS!!!

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