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If “Jedi X” heard right, we’re still more than a year and a half away from learning what happens when the colonial fleet reaches Earth. And we’re to brace ourselves for another physical transformation of Lee Adama:
Hi Herc, Not sure if anyone has checked in from Atlanta yet, but I attended the Battlestar Galactica Q&A session this morning at DragonCon. Jamie Bamber (Apollo), Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) and Richard Hatch (original Apollo, Tom Zarek) asnwered questions for an hour. They were very funny and we did learn a few things... The writers sequestered themselves in Utah to finish the series and even the three actors do not know how it ends. Douglas was originally upset to learn his character was a cylon, but a 90-minute phone conversation with Ron Moore changed his mind. Kara Thrace is definitely alive and back on the show.
[We also hear Bill Adama throws her hinder in stir, believing her to be a Cylon.]
Lee will be doing more "civilian" things, confirmed by Bamber's longer hair and beard. Chief opens the season dealing (badly) with the news that he is a cylon. Douglas said that his hair (which is quite short) actually is growing back from early shooting of episodes for next season. And some bad news: There are 20 episodes in the final season and the plan now from Sci-Fi is to show 10 of them in Feb. of 2008 and then wait until Feb. of 2009 to show the final 10! Needless to say, the large crowd at the panel was not pleased considering the 18-month gap we are already enduring.
[Actually, the last episode of season three arrived on SciFi March 25 of this year.]
The actors actually ripped sci-fi, with Bamber saying that the channel is not used to producing high quality material and now that it has a hit, it doesn't know what to do with it. Douglas also mentioned that once BSG is done, he plans to move on and not do many appearances, so DragonCon could be one of his final con visits. Thanks, Herc. If you use this, please call me Jedi X...
UPDATE!! "Jedi X" wrote in Sunday morning with this:
Hey Herc, "Jedi X" checking back in about the BSG panel from DragonCon. I know some of the message boards are saying that the actors were joking about the final season being split between 08 and 09, but here is why some people might think that... Douglas, Bamber and Hatch were talking about the current gap in the show and one of them said that the plan was to split the final season between 2008 and 2009, a lot of people laughed and thought it was a joke and that they were ripping sci-fi. But then Bamber said "no, really. That's the plan right now." and then the audience groaned. So he may have been adding to the "joke" but that was not the impression I got. He even went on to say that that is how Sci-Fi essentially gets two final seasons for the cost of one.

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