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Time To Applaud Focus Features for releasing Ang Lee's LUST, CAUTION with an NC-17!!!

Hey folks, Harry here.. today - over at Variety, they've announced that the MPAA has given Ang Lee's LUST, CAUTION an NC-17 rating. Now, this is an erotic spy film in Chinese based upon a short story by Eileen Change. The film has been set for debut at the Toronto Film Festival - and the big news is... FOCUS FEATURES has decided NOT to protest the rating, NOT to appeal the rating, but to accept it and decree that this is "a masterpiece about and for grown-ups!" Now the problem... They can't have television spots, most newspapers won't print ads for the film and a whole lot of chickenshit theater chains won't even consider playing an NC-17 film. So what that means is this... If this movie comes to your town - and you see it and love it - work to get as many of your adult friends to see it as well. I hope this is the film to help break this barrier and not just be an exploitive film. I have the utmost confidence in Ang Lee and this film and am incredibly jealous of all of you at Toronto that see it first!

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