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New live action HALO short by Blomkamp leaks online!! Warthogs in action! Banshees! Brutes! Needler spikes!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. As a Halo nerd and a movie nerd I have to say I've found these little glimpses as to what Neill Blomkamp's movie version would (and probably will) look like. Both shorts stress the real world application and only give us tantalizing glimpses at the vehicles, armor and weaponry. I gotta say... of all the cool shit in this spot, the thing that made me smile the biggest was seeing the Needler spikes hit the wall behind the soldiers, stick and then shatter. It's not focused on, just something for us Halo geeks. This short ends quite abruptly, but as you can see from the below... it's leaked, so it could very well not be finished. But you get a good idea what we're in for. I can't wait to see this in Quicktime or downloaded in high def from X-box Live! I first saw this here! Enjoy it while it's still online! Thanks to Paul for the heads up!

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