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Why Lexi Alexander Is The Perfect Woman to Make THE PUNISHER Kick Ass Right!

Hey folks, Harry here... There are few films, the year that Lionsgate's first run at THE PUNISHER came out that I hated as much as I hated that film. First - I've never been a huge Punisher fan - he always felt apart from the Marvel universe for me. He was a great character, but he didn't feel right in that world. I respect THE PUNISHER as a character - he's about weightier things than super powers... he's born of pain to give pain - and he isn't a jokey character - and what he does... isn't funny. He punishes... he's brutal... and that first film - they had a great actor for the part. Thomas Jane should have soared as the character - but the film plum sucked... cursed by a script fucked up so bad it hurt - and directed with all the consistency of fruit-filled jello. I hated it. So why am I so excited about this new PUNISHER? First off - they got that bastard from ROME. But more than that - it's Lexi Alexander. Watching GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS and seeing how she made Elijah Wood a Badass... can you imagine what she's going to do with Ray Stevenson? Go check out her latest blog on this: Right Here! Lexi is set to make this a TOUGH film. This won't be a pussy footing flick. I can't wait to see this PUNISHER - she gets that he's not a hero, that he's not a villain, but that he's hurting so bad he has to make others bleed for the pain they've caused him and others.

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