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Frank Miller lures another femme fatale to THE SPIRIT... and a great DP to photograph her!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Damn, Frank Miller must be on cloud nine right about now. First Scarlett Johansson and now Eva Mendes as femme fatales... Sam Jackson as the villain... the head of the Monster Squad as The Spirit (well, technically... since Gabriel Macht is Stephen Macht's son... and Stephen Macht was Sean's dad in MONSTER SQUAD... anybody?) Eva Mendes will play Sand Saref, the Spirit's ex-flame. Mendes and Johansson in a Frank Miller movie... good lord... Are there any red-blooded hetero readers that doesn't love how this movie is looking? Also announced was the hiring of Bill Pope (THE MATRIX, DARKMAN, ARMY OF DARKNESS and SPIDER-MAN 2) as the cinematographer... so we know this'll look amazing. This movie will surely rock, no?

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