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The big news is Twin Peaks: The Definitive Gold Box Edition just became available for pre-orders. The Oct. 30 set collects on Region One DVD for the first time both seasons of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s supercool, seminal and groundbreaking series (I for one consider “Peaks” one of the two best TV series ever aired), including its mesmerizing, brilliant and until now hard-to-find pilot. Excerpts from the CBS Home Entertainment press release:
Co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost and a large number of the cast and crew have returned to participate in this extraordinary new collection. "Finally the pilot is together with the series. The picture looks clean with good color correction. The sound is really good," said David Lynch. "I think this is a great definitive Twin Peaks Gold Set - the Gold represents the highest quality. A lot of work has gone in to this, and in my opinion it has really paid off." "Working closely with David Lynch, I believe we've put together the ultimate Twin Peaks DVD box set with the most unique, interesting and comprehensive collection of content possible that will more than excite the ardent fan and engage new ones," commented Ken Ross, Executive Vice President and General Manager, CBS Home Entertainment. "And we drank some damn good cups of coffee along the way.'" This 10-disc set includes "Greetings from Twin Peaks" collectable postcards and a plethora of special features, including hours of newly-minted bonus content, featuring exclusive cast and crew interviews and rare footage never before released on DVD, produced by award-winning DVD producer Charles de Lauzirika ("Alien Quadrilogy," "Spider-Man 2: Special Edition," "Blade Runner: The Final Cut.") "Secrets from Another Place: Creating Twin Peaks" is a collection of four new documentaries exploring the origins, production and impact of the show. The cast and crew, including co-creator Mark Frost, composer Angelo Badalamenti, singer Julee Cruise, actors Kyle MacLachlan, Joan Chen, Piper Laurie, Ray Wise, Sheryl Lee, Kenneth Welsh, Maedchen Amick, Miguel Ferrer and many others share their memories of creating the show in this in-depth piece covering the sensational and tumultuous evolution of TWIN PEAKS in four parts: "Northwest Passage: Creating the Pilot," "Freshly Squeezed: Creating Season One," "Where We're From: Creating the Music" and "Into the Night: Creating Season Two." Co-creator and four-time Academy Award(R) nominee David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan and Maedchen Amick take an amusing look back at the series in "A Slice of Lynch," an all-new get-together of friends over piping hot coffee and sweet cherry pie. "Return to Twin Peaks" follows a group of devoted fans to the 2006 Twin Peaks Festival, where the show's faithful have been regularly gathering for costume contests, celebrity sightings, trivia games and other wildness in the woods outside of Seattle. And an Interactive Map allows viewers to revisit the show's unforgettable locations as they appear today...and how to find them in real life. Thought to have been lost forever, a selection of deleted scenes has been unearthed for this collection and approved by David Lynch, offering viewers additional clues and background on some of their favorite characters and locations in the series. The collection showcases the phenomenon that was TWIN PEAKS with such archival nuggets as the "Saturday Night Live" opening monologue and "Twin Peaks" sketch featuring Kyle MacLachlan, the "Falling" music video featuring Julee Cruise, the Richard Beymer behind-the-scenes photo gallery, original network promo spots and many more rare gems! Newly remastered from the original negative and personally approved by David Lynch, the episodes have never looked better. Moreover, viewers will have the option of enjoying the episodes in either new 5.1 Surround Sound or the original 2.0 network television audio.
CBS paid NBC Universal for the “Twin Peaks” SNL sketches Kyle MacLachlan appeared in during the first “Peaks” season? Smart! Included also is the fascinating reworked pilot released to cinemas overseas. It uses footage never seen in the series to wrap up the mystery of Laura Palmer’s murder quite differently than the series did. Extras listed in the press release:
International Version With Alternate Ending Log Lady Intros For Each Episode Deleted Scenes (4 scenes) Production Documents The SNL Sketches A Slice of Lynch Northwest Passage: Creating The Pilot Freshly Squeezed: Creating Season 1 Where We're From: Creating The Music Into The Night: Creating Season 2 Return To Twin Peaks Interactive Map (8 Pods) "Falling" Music Video Georgia Coffee Commercials (5 Spots) Image Galleries The Richard Beymer Gallery Unit Photography Twin Peaks Trading Cards TV spots Premiere Spots (8 Spots) There's No Place Like Home Spot 1-900 Promo Ad T-Shirt Ad Holiday Greeting Patriot Greeting
Again, this long-awaited “Peaks” set is due Oct. 30 (the same day as the long-awaited “Angel” and “My So-Called Life” complete series sets), and fans can lock in via pre-order whatever Amazon’s lowest price will be between now and then.

South Park: The Complete Tenth Season, streeting today, was the last full season cablecast (Comedy Central is now halfway through season eleven). Kyle discovers “Family Guy” is written by manatees, the Super Adventure Club’s Chef meets a grisly end, the town embraces of hybrids, Towelie dupes Oprah, Oprah’s cooter goes on the offensive, Al Gore warns of the ManBearPig, Cartman meets his match in Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, the boys rescue World of Warcraft, the Hardly Boys swing into action, Ike enters a relationship with his hot teacher, The Crocodile Hunter meets Satan, Stan coaches pee-wee hockey, and Cartman’s Wii lust catapults him to the year 2506. The prophet Mohammad, one gathers, continues to be depicted in every single title sequence.

Herc’s Popular Pricing Pantry

Rocky Reductions! Vast encheapening for moose and squirrel! $13.49 Rocky & Bullwinkle: The Complete First Season $13.49 Rocky & Bullwinkle: The Complete Second Season $12.99 Rocky & Bullwinkle: The Complete Third Season
Season one contains 26 half-hour episodes, which breaks down into 52 Bullwinkles (comprising the entire “Jet Fuel Formula" and "Box Top Robbery" storylines), 21 Mr. Peabodys, 20 Fractured Fairy Tales, six Aesop & Sons and five Dudley Do-Rights. Season two holds a whopping 52 half-hours, including 100 Bullwinkles (comprising the entire "Upsidasium," "Metal Munching Mice," "Greenpernt Oogle," "Rue Brittania," "Buried Treasure" and "Wailing Whale" storylines), 35 Fractured Fairy Tales, 34 Mr. Peabodys; 17 Aesop & Sons and 18 Dudley Do-Rights. Season three holds 66 Bullwinkles (comprising the entire “Missouri Mish Mash,” “Lazy Jay Ranch,” “Three Moosketeers,” “Topsy Turvy World” storylines), 22 Fractured Fairy Tales, 22 Mr. Peabodys, 20 Bullwinkle’s Corners, 13 Mr. Know-It-Alls, 11 Aesop & Sons and 11 Dudley Do-Rights. Extras on the various sets include Bullwinkle puppet segments, Bullwinkle commercials, a June Foray interview, other rarities, and more.

55% Off Simpsons!! Only $17.99 For Seasons 1-9!!

TV-on-DVD Calendar
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September 18 Ballykissangel 6.x Blade: The Pilot Boston Legal 3.x Brothers & Sisters 1.x Everybody Loves Raymond 9.x Family Guy Vol. 5 Foursome 1.x Vol. 2 Ghost Whisperer 2.x Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy 1.x The Johnny Cash Show: Best Of
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