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Holy Schnitzel!! DARK KNIGHT Images Flood The Internets!! Right Click/Save Picture As...Oops!! Too Late!!

Merrick here...
Okay. So we're getting deluged with e-mails about DARK KNIGHT images that are appearing in multiple locations all over the Internet. The pictures are presented herein, courtesy of TheIronGiant. Given the volume of e-mails we're receiving, and the differing origins being cited, it's difficult to know where these are coming from. If anyone knows exactly where these pictures initially sprouted up, please give credit where credit is due in the Talkback below. I'm told these are screen caps from footage recently shown at Wizard World. Don't know if this is true - I haven't seen said footage. And now... Behold glorious Nolan Batosity!!

Pictures removed at the legal suggestion of Warner's Lawyers!

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