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The lovely Zoe Bell gets her first starring role in an action flick!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Ah, beautiful Kiwi girls that can kick my ass... Is there anything more attractive than an asskicking woman with a New Zealand accent? Not in my book, sister. Anyway, Zoe Bell has taken the jump from supporting cast member in DEATH PROOF to starring in her own action vehicle for Senator Entertainment. The project is Untitled as of right now, but we know she'll be playing an Iraqi war veteran trying to acclimatize herself upon her return from the Middle East. She ends up trying to help a young girl in trouble. A little FIRST BLOOD... maybe a pinch of BLIND FURY... And she'll be kicking everybody's ass Jackie Chan style, doing her own stunts. No word on if she has a team of small Asian men in red jumpsuits as her backup if a stunt goes wrong, but one can hope. The only thing that sucks is she's going to have an American accent. Not as hot, sorry, but what can you do? Senator head honcho Marco Weber came up with the idea and Sarah Thorpe (TWISTED) is writing the script. It could be complete trash, but damn it'll be nice to see an action star (who isn't Tony Jaa) doing their own stunts again.

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