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I know you were dying for a prequel to... THE SCORPION KING... without the ROCK and directed by Mr Highlander! Right?

Hey folks, Harry here... ya know... I'm trying to wrap my brain around this... MovieHole is reporting that your collective wishes have been granted --- and Hollywood has been listening to you. Yes, You. I think the collective opinion on SCORPION KING was that it was a brilliant idea terribly miscast with The Rock - who was far too old for the part. Yes, what we wanted was a younger man playing the part. Right? And it needed to amp up the love stuff, right? Right. Well, your wish is Hollywood's command. THE SCORPION KING: RISE OF THE AKKADIAN, brilliant title.. ahem, is a prequel to the MUMMY RETURNS spin-off prequel original. And they went out and hired the best genre guy they could find! Russell Mulcahy! How badass is that? And they're actually going to shoot it on the same continent as Egypt... but in South Africa, where the really cool Egypt stuff is! Now if only someone would hire Len Wiseman to remake ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK - and - well I dare not dream anymore...

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